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Many people rave about the keto diet, but what is it? A ketogenic diet refers to eating a certain way that retrains the body on how to create energy and burn fat. There is a high success rate of weight loss with a keto diet, but they are hard results to achieve because the body must first reach ketosis for it to start working. Therapeutic ketones are a great way for Northeastern Colorado residents to help themselves along the journey of the ketogenic diet. NECO Aesthetics in Sterling offers ketone supplements to weight loss clients who want a boost towards burning fat and a slimmer, healthier body.

Offering Ketogenic Diet Help at Our Sterling Clinic

The ketogenic diet involves eating foods that will put the body in a state of ketosis, which means minimal carbohydrates, moderate proteins, and high fats. The magic of keto diets and science of why eating fats burns fat is this: the body usually runs off carbs, but if you have low carb intake, fatty acids will release so that the liver will produce ketones for energy. Therefore, ketosis means burning fat, which is why so many people do ketogenic diets. But it takes a while for the body to get used to fats instead of carbs, so to give it a boost some people take ketone supplements like the therapeutic ketones we offer to weight loss clients at NECO Aesthetics in Sterling.

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Ketone Supplements for Weight Loss Clients in Sterling

Ketone supplements are simply described as a supplement to the keto diet, a sort of assistant to the organs to reach ketosis. People in Northeastern Colorado take therapeutic ketones to kick the body into gear, as the process of switching sources of energy can take up to a week and leave the dieter feeling not so great at the beginning. Ketone supplements help put the body into ketosis without the transitionary period the keto diet has that so many people dread. NECO Aesthetics offers a great therapeutic ketone package either in the office in Sterling or available online to be shipped monthly to your door. Doing the ketogenic diet goes smoothly with the help of our easy-to-take ketone supplements.

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Therapeutic Ketones Available at Our Sterling Med Spa

and want to speed up your results, ketone supplements may be of great benefit to you. Our Sterling med spa’s focus on weight loss help includes monthly ketone supplements that will aid you in achieving the results you want from a ketogenic diet. We offer free consultations for all prospective clients, so call now to book an appointment with a therapeutic ketones specialist in Sterling.

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