JUVÉDERM® Voluma Facial & Cheek Fillers in Sterling, CO

One of the great facial filler products we have available for Northeastern Colorado residents who want to have some aesthetic work done is JUVÉDERM Voluma® cheek fillers. These injections have been very popular since the FDA approved them a few years ago to be administered by professionals like those at NECO Aesthetics in Sterling. Our cheek fillers have helped our clients obtain the looks they love by making up for volume loss in the mid-face. JUVÉDERM Voluma is an age-defying procedure that involves a small needle rather than intensive surgery and offers immediate results and increased fullness in the face of our clients.

Cheek Fillers for Northeastern Colorado Residents

Our aesthetic clinic in Sterling has a whole line of facial fillers, but our cheek fillers are very popular with clients who want to plump up their face due to sagging or sinking. It is natural for cheeks to droop and lose their fullness with age, but with JUVÉDERM Voluma® treatments at our Northeastern Colorado location, you can correct the aged look of your cheeks. While there are a number of hyaluronic acid injections that claim to add collagen back into cheeks, clients at Sterling’s NECO Aesthetics particularly like JUVÉDERM Voluma because it is very reliable, yielding instant results that last up to two years.

Facial Filler Procedures at Sterling’s NECO Aesthetics

When you come to our office for facial fillers, we will first have a consultation with you to see what exactly bothers you about your appearance and how you would like to transform that feature. If your area of issue is sunken cheeks or jaw, we can provide a lift with JUVÉDERM Voluma® cheek fillers. An aesthetic specialist from our staff will carefully inject the solution to add volume and mold the gel-like solution under the skin to give cheeks a contoured look. Depending on the face shape you desire, multiple treatments of facial fillers at our Sterling clinic may be necessary.

Free JUVÉDERM Voluma® Consultation in Sterling

At NECO Aesthetics in Sterling, we take the time to listen to our clients’ hopes and dreams for their face and try to offer the best treatments available to achieve those results. For people in Northeastern Colorado who want fuller, more structured cheeks, JUVÉDERM Voluma facial fillers are an excellent aesthetic option to get that look, and we can help. Call today to schedule a free consultation where you can learn more about cheek fillers and have any questions answered by our expert staff in Sterling.

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