JUVÉDERM® Ultra XC Facial Fillers in Sterling, CO

Are you a Northeastern Colorado resident who is unhappy with the appearance of your lips? Full, plump lips are universally thought to be a sign of beauty, and many people try to emulate them with makeup. At NECO Aesthetics in Sterling, we offer a more practical way to maximize your mouth, with facial filler injections of JUVÉDERM® Ultra XC. This dermal filler is designed to fil in thin lips and act as a wrinkle filler around the mouth. The effects are noticeable instantly, so when you get JUVÉDERM Ultra injections, you can walk out of our Sterling med spa with lips that look bigger and better than ever.

Dermal Fillers for Fuller Lips and Mouth in Sterling

One of the latest fads in the medical aesthetics industry is to have full, plump lips, which is why we offer JUVÉDERM® Ultra XC wrinkle filler to our Northeastern Colorado clients at NECO Aesthetics. Our facial features change with age, drooping, sagging, and thinning as we lose collagen and elasticity, and our mouths are no exception. Luckily the aging appearance of the perioral area can be circumvented with facial fillers like JUVÉDERM Ultra, where the hyaluronic acid mixes with water to expand under the skin, lifting and plumping any wrinkles or thinness. Our clients who get JUVÉDERM Ultra XC dermal fillers see results in the form of a plumper pout as well as smoothed smile and laugh lines.

Sterling Med Spa Appointments for Facial Fillers

When you come to visit us at NECO Aesthetics in Sterling, you may know you want to have a wrinkle filler procedure done but are not sure which kind. We do free consultations with all Northeastern Colorado clients so they can discuss their cosmetic goals with us and we can then advise them on which dermal filler will best help them achieve the aesthetic they seek. When a client says they want to increase lip size and fill in wrinkles around the mouth, JUVÉDERM® Ultra XC is the best option, and we can do the procedure and have them seeing results all within an hour of arrival. When you book a JUVÉDERM Ultra facial filler appointment with us in Sterling, you know it is handled by a trained professional and involves minimal discomfort, as we incorporate lidocaine in the wrinkle filler solution.

JUVÉDERM® Ultra Injections at Sterling’s NECO Aesthetics

If you are looking for facial fillers for lips or a wrinkle filler that smooths lines around the mouth, getting a JUVÉDERM Ultra XC injection may be a great idea for you. NECO Aesthetics has helped many people in Northeastern Colorado have more confidence in their lips and mouth area with our perioral dermal fillers JUVÉDERM® Ultra. Our Sterling med spa offers free consultations for all procedures, so call today to book an appointment to learn more about what facial fillers can do for you.

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