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IV hydration is a longstanding medical practice, something that is hardly new to people in Northeastern Colorado who have visited hospitals or emergency rooms. What is relatively recent, however, is the movement of IV therapy out of those establishments and into more relaxed environments, such as med spas like NECO Aesthetics in Sterling. We provide IV hydration services that improve overall wellness for people dealing with a variety of symptoms causing them to feel poorly. Our IV therapy bags are used to treat things like hangovers, illness, jetlag, and sports fatigue that are plaguing our clients and keeping them from not feeling well.

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What Northeastern Coloradans Use IV Therapy For

There are all sorts of things people do to try and achieve better wellness and health: vitamins, minerals, electrolyte drinks, antioxidants, and amino acids. IV hydration takes all those feel-good features and combines them with a solution that can deposit it directly into the bloodstream of a client at our Sterling office. Digesting nutrients means they lose about 70 percent of their effectiveness in the gastrointestinal tract, so IV therapy is the most efficient intake method. When nutrients enter the body intravenously, they work to their full potential and start benefiting the client basically immediately.

IV Hydration Therapy at Our Sterling Med Spa

When you come to get IV therapy at NECO Aesthetics, you can have confidence that it is a relaxing, calm environment to replenish. Many people like how they can come to our Sterling med spa for IV injections instead of having to visit a hectic medical setting. We offer Northeastern Colorado residents a quick, accessible way to invigorate the body with IV therapy that only takes about an hour out of your day but leaves you feeling invigorated. Many of the patients at our Sterling office their hangover, exhaustion, or feelings of illness to be gone by the time the IV therapy is finished, and many come in for routine visits, making IV hydration part of their standard wellness routine.

Free Consultations in Sterling for IV Hydration

You may think IV hydration is a high-level hospital treatment, but that isn’t the case anymore! NECO Aesthetics med spa in Sterling offers IV therapy services for those who want to replenish their bodies with nutritional compound but in a more relaxed environment. Our IV hydration solutions are proven to help people in Northeastern Colorado with hangovers, jet lag, sports fatigue, illness, and more. If you aren’t feeling 100% but don’t want to waste all your day, IV therapy can turn it around. Call us today to schedule an appointment in Sterling.


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