BOTOX® Injections & Treatments in Sterling, CO

Since its approval by the FDA in 2002, BOTOX® injections have been one of the most popular ways to improve the appearance of skin without going under the knife. Instead, BOTOX treatments simply involve going under the needle, and when you get them done at Sterling’s NECO Aesthetics, they are accompanied with relatively low discomfort and no recovery period. We offer BOTOX in Northeastern Colorado, where clients point out problem areas that tend to wrinkle, and we apply a BOTOX injection to that spot. Our clients often come back many times for multiple sessions of BOTOX treatments because they are so pleased with the resulting tightness and firmness.

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BOTOX Treatments at Our Sterling Aesthetic Clinic

We do BOTOX injections at our Sterling med spa for people who want to avoid wrinkles on their face or lift existing lines. Every day your facial muscles are used thousands of times when you smile, frown, sneeze, sniffle, cough, eat, talk, and pretty much anything else you do since each time a facial muscle is used, a small crease is made, inviting the formation of wrinkles over time. BOTOX treatments offered by NECO Aesthetics are a preventative measure because the use the toxin to target and temporarily constrict certain facial muscles so they don’t affect the skin. Since BOTOX involves sharp equipment and toxins, it’s very important people in Northeastern Colorado seek BOTOX treatments from professionals like those on staff at NECO Aesthetics.

Where Northeastern Colorado Gets BOTOX Injections


BOTOX injections are done in forehead pleats an average of two centimeters apart

Frown lines

BOTOX reduces furrowing between the brows of Northeastern Colorado clients

Crow’s feet

BOTOX treatments target wrinkling at the edge of the eyes and top of the cheeks

Bunny lines

BOTOX helps residents who get wrinkles from bunching their nose

Smokers lines

BOTOX treatments can reduce lines forming around the mouth and on the lips

Marionette lines

BOTOX treatments can reduce lines forming around the mouth and on the lips

Chin dents

Dimples and contour irregularities on the chin can be reduced with BOTOX

Brow lift

BOTOX injections above the outer brow give a lifting effect for clients in Sterling

Sweat glands

BOTOX can also reduce excessive sweating in the armpits, palms, and feet

Free Consultation for BOTOX Treatments in Sterling

At NECO Aesthetics, we offer BOTOX treatments for any area prone to having an aged appearance. When you get BOTOX, you can laugh, sing, and use expressions freely without worrying about your face wrinkling up. Our BOTOX injections are done by trusted and experienced professionals in Sterling and involve a quick and easy visit with virtually no pain. If BOTOX is something you’ve been considering getting done, give us a call to set up a free consultation at our Sterling clinic.

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